Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy


The Client

The management of the "TheContent" electronic platforms is committed, within the limits permitted by the regulating law, not to disclose any personal information about the user, such as the address, phone number, email address, and others. Furthermore, none of that information will be exchanged, traded or sold to any third party as long as it is within the capabilities of the possible management of TheContent, and access to the information will only be permitted to qualified persons who supervise the electronic platforms of TheContent.


Disclaimer of legal responsibility

The user acknowledges that they are solely responsible for the nature of the use determined by "TheContent", and the administration of "TheContent" disclaims its party, to the fullest extent permitted by law, from all liability for any losses, damages, expenses or expenses incurred by the user or incurred by them or any other party As a result of the use of “TheContent” electronic platforms, or the inability to use it.


Cases of service interruptions, omissions and errors

TheContent administration makes every effort to ensure and maintain the continuity of the operation of the TheContent electronic platforms without problems, despite that errors, omissions, interruptions and delays in the service may occur at any time, and in such cases we will expect users to be patient until the service returns to the normal state.


Subscriber account, password and information security

The subscriber registers through their mobile number and confirms it through a text message containing the activation code. The responsibility to protect their information and password and not to share or publish it is the responsibility of the subscriber, and in the event of any transactions using their account, the subscriber will bear all the responsibilities resulting from that Without any responsibility on the management of "TheContent"

The subscriber bears full responsibility for all of their content, which they upload and publishe through the "TheContent" platforms.

The user is obligated not to agree with a seller or buyer to deal with them outside the "TheContent" platforms, and failure to do so will expose the user to suspending their account

The subscriber is bound by the terms of use, not to publish or display any content or work that has been carried out for another customer in violation of Islamic law and not to use the "TheContent" platforms for illegal purposes, including but not limited to: Hacking, posting and distributing copied material or software, deceiving, falsifying, defrauding, threatening or harassing any person, company or group, posting pornographic or sexual material, spreading viruses or spyware, or linking to websites containing such violations.

It is prohibited to violate intellectual property rights, defame any person, institution or company, or intentionally publish any information that causes harm to a company, person, country or group, the subscriber is fully responsible for everything they submit through their account on the "TheContent" platforms.

It is strictly forbidden to use the "TheContent" platforms for political purposes, and it is forbidden to attack any Arab or Islamic country in any way.



Some parts of the "TheContent" platforms are only open to registered subscribers after providing some personal information about them, and the subscriber undertakes when registering in the "TheContent" platforms that the information entered by them is complete and accurate, and commits not to register or attempt to enter it under the name of another subscriber and that they will not use A name that the administration may deem to be inappropriate, such as phone numbers, impersonated names of famous personalities, website links, incomprehensible names, and the like. They are also obligated not to register more than one account in the "TheContent" platforms, and when the same person uses more than one account, they displays all their accounts for permanent suspension.


Content censorship

TheContent management reserves the right to monitor any content entered by the subscriber without being obligated to do so, as it cannot monitor all subscribers' entries, so it reserves the right (without obligation) to delete, remove or edit any entered materials that violate the terms of The provisions of the "TheContent" platforms without reference to the user. 

It should also be noted that local, international and foreign copyright laws and international treaties protect all the contents of TheContent, and by subscribing to it, the subscriber implicitly and explicitly agrees to be bound by the copyright notices that appear on its pages.


This policy is subject to permanent change and development, please review it periodically and contact us through the Help Center to inquire about any of its provisions.