Terms And Conditions


The Client


Service Receipt Guarantee

We are committed in "TheContent" to protect your rights and ensure that the service you requested is received as long as the agreement with the service provider occurred within the "TheContent" platforms and did not violate any of the terms of use or the privacy policy.


Request for personal documents to prove identity

Sometimes we ask the user to verify their account with their personal identification. This is a routine procedure and we may require of all users of the site to maintain a safe working environment. 


Service fees

The service fee is not deducted in advance for all "TheContent" services. This is after the service provider receives the request after its approval by the customer and its value. 


Refund of the amount paid:

The amount paid before approval of the application and receipt of materials can be refunded in the following cases: 

  • The service provider was late in submitting the application or the amendments.
  • Failure to implement the order as stated in the technical description prior to receipt.
  • There is a technical defect in the application.
  • There is a violation in the application of intellectual property or the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • In the event of filing a complaint with customer service and verifying the authenticity of the report.


In the event that you wish to withdraw the amount paid, this is by opening a ticket in the "TheContent" help center. Note that the withdrawal process is subject to several controls, including:


  • Credits are refundable up to a maximum of 60 days from the date of submitting the refund request.
  • Refunds are made through the electronic payment gateway for the payment method that was used exclusively and it is not possible to return to any other different account or card, so please make sure of the payment method used.

Reasons for suspension of the account

TheContent reserves the right to freeze or permanently suspend the customer's account if it is used in illegal ways, or inconsistent with the usage policies, for example:


  • Using a payment method that is stolen or not owned by the user.
  • Offer to pay for the service to the seller outside of TheContent.
  • Request the implementation of services in violation of the terms of use or the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Confidentiality of data and information

By agreeing to the terms of use, this is a pledge from you to maintain the confidentiality of all data traded within the "TheContent" platforms, and an acknowledgment that any data or information traded is under your personal and legal responsibility and that "TheContent" is not responsible for this and does not bear any consequences.


Service Provider


Rights Guarantee

Compliance with the terms of use of the "TheContent" platforms helps to ensure your right to receive profits in exchange for the services you have implemented, and in the event of a dispute between you and the customer, you can contact the support team to provide assistance, bearing in mind that the ruling will be binding on both parties.


Account identity verification

To ensure a reliable work environment for all users and prevent fraud, we require the service provider to verify their account by uploading a photo of their personal identity or passport and their bank data documented, and this procedure is mandatory for all service providers.


Restricted Services

All services in "TheContent" are permitted except for services that contain a form of fraud or misleading and do not provide real benefit to the customer, or cause harm to platforms and users, or violate laws and regulations, and attempting to provide services in violation of the terms of use may subject the service provider's account to suspension or complete suspension These services include, for example, but not limited to:

  • Political, sectarian, and services contrary to the general laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or the teachings of Islam.
  • Spam, meaningless services and vague and misleading services to buyers.
  • Low quality services.
  • Services that infringe intellectual property rights.
  • Services that harm the "TheContent" platforms or its users directly or indirectly.
  • Services that lead to transacting and paying off the "TheContent" website.
  • Completely copied services from other service providers.
  • Money transfer services such as transferring an amount to a bank account or transfer via Western Union or similar, charging mobile balances or website balances, selling visa cards or charging cards and services related to charging digital currencies.
  • Services that take a long time to implement, more than a month, so that TheContent platforms cannot provide a guarantee for them, such as hosting, buying a domain for a year, and others.
  • Forex services, pyramid and network marketing and affiliate marketing services.
  • Illegal e-marketing services that offer to bring visitors, ratings, fans, views, fake followers, back links, or post tweets on hashtags on social media, as well as all services that rely on spam or exchange sites and servers, such as Add 100 likes, 100 comments, etc..

 Note: The service will be deleted and related requests canceled, and the service provider's account may be suspended in the event that a report is not submitted to the client explaining the legitimate implementation method they used to complete the service, with mentioning the results

  • Services and requests for preparing student research and graduation projects, solving or assisting in solving examination questions for all levels of study and any services that may help the student obtain grades or undeserved results, in addition to writing poetry collections and other creative works.
  • Medical services are unreliable and can cause harm to their purchasers
  • Hosting Booking Services,VPS، VPN-Proxy
  • Services that require personal and sensitive information for their implementation, such as the complete information of the credit cards or the customer’s bank account, and if the service provider asks you for this information, please contact us directly through the Help Center.

Service Violations

At TheContent, we try to accept clear and unambiguous services in order to prevent any misunderstanding or problems that may occur between the two parties, so the service may be temporarily refused and then a message is sent to the service provider specifying the deficiencies in their service so that they can amend them. Examples of these violations are:

  • Services that are not specified or accurately described, such as the service of writing an article without limiting the number of words, for example.
  • That the service provider asks the customer to purchase the service more than once in exchange for the work required, instead the seller can add to the basic service improvements if they want to provide additional things with an appropriate price for each development
  • Service for a period not as described
  • For services that contain exaggerated phrases or temporary or unclear offers in the title such as: Best Service, Exclusive Offer, Limited Time, Gift
  • Services whose description has been repeated multiple times to fill in the blank
  • Using special characters, symbols and decorations, spaces in the title of the service, or exaggerating it in the description
  • Services that do not have a business model but must exist, such as design services, so that the customer can preview examples of the quality of work and the experience of the service provider before purchasing
  • Adding a low-quality image or video, writing the service title in the image, using a background color for the image in the same color as the background of the site, placing a frame, beacons, stars or any effects on the service image that give the impression that it is issued by the site as an attempt to distinguish it from others
  • The image of the service or its business models contain the logo of companies or any entities such as government institutions, the logo of the "TheContent" platform, or others.
  • The service contains means of communication outside the platform, even if it is in the instructions box
  • Obligating the customer to communicate with the seller of the service via private messages before purchasing it, as the feature of communication before purchase is optional and not obligatory for the buyer


Reasons for suspension of the account

The account will be suspended or suspended permanently in the event of any of these violations:

  • Sending a request to receive the service or persuading the customer to accept receipt for the amount of the service before it is fully implemented.
  • The service provider offering services they do not know how to, or implementing low-quality services and relying on automated programs to implement them. Such as selling copied content or relying on translation software and generating automated logos and designs, as this is considered fraud and infringement of the rights of third parties, and it also exposes the service provider to low ratings
  • Request to communicate or pay for services outside the "TheContent" website
  • The service provider’s agreement with the user to purchase their service for the purpose of evaluation only, and in this case both accounts will be suspended due to the misleading of the buyers and the site
  • Deleting or stopping a service and then reintroducing it in order to delete or hide the negative evaluation, as deleting the service does not delete its ratings and therefore does not lead to a change in the seller’s general evaluation
  • Acting as an intermediary in TheContent, so that the service provider receives requests from the customer and executes them with another seller
  • Cancel orders without a clear reason, and if the service provider does not want to receive purchase orders for a specific period, they can stop the service temporarily from the service status settings
  • Accepting the implementation of services in violation of the terms of use

Suspended account profit

Sellers can withdraw their profits from their suspended accounts after 15 days starting from the day of receiving the last payment received by the service provider in thier account, but this period is subject to the discretion of TheContent, during which the support team checks the source of profits, methods of obtaining them and the services delivered, provided that That the service provider certifies the identity of their account if it was not previously authenticated.





Service price

The prices of the services provided in “TheContent” vary according to the requested service and the duration of its delivery. The services are calculated according to the following:

*50% added on urgent orders


Countries and regions not dealt with

TheContent services are not available in the European Union, nor are companies or individuals residing in the following countries: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Yemen, Zimbabwe.


Intellectual property rights for works executed via TheContent

The customer owns all intellectual property rights and copyrights for the services they received from the service provider in “TheContent”, unless otherwise clearly indicated in the description of the service or in the agreement before the start of implementation, and the seller is not entitled to impose additional rights on the service after starting its implementation or when delivered.


suspension of the account

The account is temporarily suspended or permanently suspended in TheContent when the terms of use are violated, and the user receives an alert via the site or e-mail. Examples of illegal uses that expose the account to suspension or suspension are:

  • Attempting to harm TheContent, its users, or any Content House website by any means
  • Set a country other than the one in which the user resides or use proxy or VPN services to change their real location, to ensure that the user obtains all their rights and obtains their profits without falling into any problems, the country of their real presence must be chosen in the personal page
  • Using more than one person for the same account, or one person using more than one account on the site, or using the same method of payment and withdrawal in more than one account, to ensure a safe work environment and prevent fraud, the account must be used by its owner only
  • Publishing private information that is not available to anyone other than the users themselves in any way, such as posting messages within requests between the service provider and the customer, or technical support ticket messages, as this is a violation of the privacy of the site and its users.
  • Using private messages before purchasing in a way that is not serious or annoying, knowing that messages are available to inquire about service details only for the purpose of purchasing it
  • Selling the account in "TheContent", and in the event that the sale process is discovered, the account is immediately suspended and the balance in it is frozen, preventing any party from benefiting from it
  • Impersonating another person or registering a young man in the name of a girl or vice versa, as well as uploading a personal picture that is not the owners of the account themselves, using names or pictures of public figures, or using incorrect information when registering such as phone number, e-mail, website address, names with harmful or offensive meanings .
  • Develop or use software to deal with the "TheContent" platform, or manage and control the account through automated software Bots
  • Advertising of the Services and any other content of the Site via Google Adwords
  • Using the site for political or sectarian purposes or insulting any Arab or Islamic country in any way
  • Posting any content that violates Islamic law or regulating laws, including but not limited to: Deception, forgery and fraud, threatening or disturbing any person, company or group, posting pornographic or sexual materials, spreading viruses or spy ware, placing links to sites containing such violations